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Ehime AJET Scholarship 2017

The Ehime AJET Scholarship Committee opened applications for the 2017 Scholarship on 28th November 2016. Any high school student in to prefecture is eligible to apply, and we rely on the help and cooperation of high school ALTs and JTEs to make the project successful. The deadline is 10th February 2017 (Friday).

Please contact the committee if you have any questions:

Ehime AJET Scholarship 2017

PR poster 1

PR poster 2

EHIME AJET and International Shimanami Kaido Cycling EXPO in IMABARI!


The Ehime AJET executive committee all dressed up at the Shimanami Cycling Expo to raise awareness about the Ehime AJET Scholarship! This was our very first scholarship fundraising event! Executive members in this photo (from left to right): Mbali Sexwale, Eriko Stronach, Hannah Rennie, and Joy Peng. (missing: Jessica Reid)

We held our first Ehime AJET booth at International Shimanami Kaido Cycling EXPO in Imabari on October 25th through 26th! Since it was late October, we decided to decorate the booth in a Halloween theme. We prepared international quiz games, face paint, sold packaged candy and homemade sweets which we spent all night buying, packaging and making them (brownies and rice krispies)!

Hannah packing candies into little gift bags! Someone is sugar high!

Hannah packing candies into little gift bags! Someone is sugar high!


Hannah prepping candies into little goodie bags, while Joy and Eriko (photographer) make brownies and rice krispies!

Look who came to support our cause!

Look who came to support our cause!

There were a stage with performances by jazz bands, Jpop bands, junior high school bands, Japanese entertainer talk show hosts, DJ and other performers.


Imabari bumping! Have you ever seen that many people in Imabari?!


Fellow Imabari JET came to encourage local kids to check out what Halloween is all about!

Thank you to those who came to support and help us! Otsukare to those who participated in the actual cycling!

Thanks for helping, Imabari JETs!

Thanks for helping, Imabari JETs!

Special thanks to Mr. Murakami and Mbali Sexwale for giving us the opportunity to participate in this festive event! For more information on the Shimanami Kaido Cyling EXPO in Imabari check out their website

Ehime AJET Scholarship

This year, Ehime AJET formed the Ehime AJET Scholarship Committee to create a scholarship for 200,000 yen to provide one high school student in the prefecture an opportunity to study abroad this summer. The committee will evaluate applications based on academic merit, interest in cross-cultural exchange, and financial need.

The application process has two components: a written application and an interview. The written application requires the applicant’s background information, preferred study abroad program, school activity involvement, and a letter of recommendation. The interview provides an opportunity for the applicant to demonstrate his or her English speaking ability, to express motivations for studying abroad, and to share his or her hopes for the future. Any high school student in Ehime is eligible to apply.

The submission deadline for the 2015 Ehime AJET Scholarship is Friday, February 20th. The recipient will be chosen by the Ehime AJET Scholarship Committee.

Being an assistant language teacher of English in Japan affords an opportunity to positively influence students’ academic experience, development, and achievement. The Ehime AJET Scholarship Committee encourages students to speak and learn English in a foreign country; to interact with students of different ethnicities, races, and cultures; and to understand the concept of being a global citizen.

Ehime AJET Scholarship Fund – Spring Application 2015 (愛媛AJET海外奨学基金申込用紙) [.docx]

Letter to High School ALTs – AJET scholarship application timeline [.docx]


If you have any questions about the scholarship, please contact us at


Ehime AJET Scholarship Committee

Ehime AJETs Fundraising Ceilidh


Group photo at Idekaya.


A massive thank you to everyone who came last night! I had the best time sharing my culture with you all and watching you dance! I hope you enjoyed yourselves too. Thanks to you all, we managed to raise a whopping 85,000円 last night! We couldn’t have done it without each and every one of you!
We have now reached our initial goal of 150,000円, but we plan to continue fundraising to help cover as many costs as possible for the lucky Ehime high school student.


Hannah Rennie