A Brief Update on the Mikan

Hello, this is Lucas Buechler, the new editor in chief for The Mikan!

I’m sure that some of you have been wondering where articles have been over the last couple of months. The long and short of it comes down to some site issues earlier in the year, and a bit of a flubbed hand-off on my end. My bad everyone. But, in order to help make it up we’ll be posting the two articles we’ve been working on in tandem with this hand-off. Look forward to Part Six of Jennifer Cerna’s Post-JET Diaries, as well as a piece by me covering a Topsy-Turvy trip to Hokkaido.

We’re back everyone!

Excited for the return of The Mikan? Have something JET-specific or Japan-adjacent you’d like to write a post on? Contact Lucas Buechler at lucas.t.buechler@gmail.com and see if its a good fit for The Mikan!

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