The Mikan – Winter 2014 Issue

Ehime JETs rejoice! The Mikan is upon us!

It’s that time of year again, the time when we begin to emerge from our frozen slumber and partake in the fruits of our winter labor. Some of them are literally fruit (dekopon!), and some of us have saved up for jaunts abroad, but bestowed upon ALL Ehimeans is the latest release of The Mikan, our very own humbl(y awesome) newsletter-cum-e-magazine.

Recipes and reflections, local traditions and workplace lifehacks — thanks to all of our contributors you’ll get quite the eyeful, and with a little time in the kitchen a mouthful to boot. We’ve even gotten a hold of another alum for this issue, a familiar face to many of us!

Thanks again a million times over to our many contributors and newly minted design guru, and happy e-reading!

The Mikan – Winter Issue 2014

*Harrison Fuerst, Mikan Harvester (Editor?)*

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