Ainan Mud Soccer

Hey Ehimites! It’s that time of year again for mud soccer! It’s an event in Ainan where you have 5 vs 5 elimination soccer matches…. in mud! They empty a rice patty field and fill it with water, then put 2 teams in there to play with a floating soccer ball, it’s quite a bit of fun!
You need to read a bit of Japanese in order to fill the application out, and the event is at Ainan (There’s a google map link on the website below) so you’d need to be able to get there somehow…
The event is in September but team spots fill up fast! So sign up quick! In case a lot of teams sign up they do a lottery to see which team will play.

If you’re interested in this the information site is:

There’s an application form at the bottom of the page, or here’s a direct link:

It really is quite a bit of fun, so if you have a way of getting down to Ainan, definitely give this event a shot.

Take care Ehime :)


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