Ehime AJET


Who We Are

Ehime AJET is a volunteer, not-for-profit organization that services the local JET community. We hope to enrich your experience in Japan by keeping you informed of important & fun things happening within Ehime-ken and the JET program at large. We are your prefectural branch of National AJET (the Association for Japan Exchange and Teaching) and we represent your voice. Our goal is to create a strong JET network by providing opportunities for you meet other JETs and get involved in your local communities. We host a variety of social, sports, and volunteer events throughout the year. We have created the Ehime AJET Scholarship Committee, which sends a high school student from the prefecture to a study abroad program of their choice. Ehime AJET also hosts The Mikan blog and maintains this website which contains (hopefully!) lots of useful information about living and teaching in Ehime.


AJET Events

Throughout the year Ehime AJET hosts and sponsors various events both for JETs, the local communities, and non-profit organizations. Some of the events we organize are:

  • AJET Welcome Party
  • Uwajima & Matsuyama Orphanage Visits
  • Mid-year Skills Development Conference Party
  • Shimanami Kaido cycling
  • Hiking
  • Sporting events
  • Sayonara Party
  • Various other fundraising events


Ehime AJET Website

The Ehime AJET website is a constant work in progress. We strive to offer the most concise and current information we can both for new and current JETs. If you have information to contribute, please do not hesitate to contact us at!

2 thoughts on “Ehime AJET

  1. Hello!

    After talking with Imani at SDC, I feel inspired to join AJET. Especially since today, one of my jr high school students told me he wants to study abroad. I told him about the Ehime AJET scholarship he can apply for once he moves up to high school, so I want to provide whatever help I can to not just my students but all residents of Ehime.

    If there`s anything official I need to do to join, please let me know.

    Lee Anne

    1. That’s awesome!

      There’s nothing official as such, just send an email to Imani saying you want to help and you can chat about how you might go about this.

      I’m hoping to organise a community cooking event which will also raise funds for the scholarship. If you’re interested in helping, send me an email and we can discuss it further.


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