Whether you’ve plenty of experience under your belt, or are completely new to this whole teacher thing, check out these links for ideas and inspiration.

  • ALT Insider - blog posts, podcasts and resources to help you make the most of your time working and living in Japan.
  • Englipedia – a huge database of lesson plans and ideas sorted by textbooks and grade levels, Englipedia is one of the best teaching websites out there.
  • Dave`s ESL Cafe – stuff for teachers, stuff for students, stuff for everyone. 100s of games for every situation you can think of.
  • Ultimate Camp Resource – games, skits, songs, team building activities and more – for use both in and outside of the classroom.
  • ESL Galaxy – printable and interactive vocabulary, grammar and cultural games.
  • ESL Kids – flashcards, worksheets, classroom games and song lyrics.
  • Genki English – the key is in the name – genki. Fun and exciting lessons and activities for Elementary school.
  • Wild Mushroomland- for ‘Hi Friends!’ and other Elementary school level flashcards and clipart. The site also has a few lesson activity ideas.

Do you have any others to add? Contact us!

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