Elementary Curriculum Schedule
Here you can find a proposed schedule from the Ministry of Education in implementing the new textbooks at your school.

Textbook codes – HF1/2 =Hi Friends 1/2. 新X = New textbook for X grade
H30 = 2018 (30th year of the Heisei Emperor)
H31 = 2019 (31st year of the Heisei Emperor… also the last)

Let’s Try 1&2   –   We Can! 1&2 : English Manual
CLAIR has created English versions of the instruction manuals for the Let’s Try1&2 and We Can! 1&2 textbooks.
They are password protected, but you should have received it from CLAIR by email. If you do not have it feel free to contact your friends, advisors, or CLAIR.


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