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What is The Mikan?

The Mikan is a blog hosted on the Ehime AJET website featuring monthly posts by JETs. Anyone is welcome to write a blog post, and we need your submissions to keep it going. Stories, anecdotes, jokes, reviews, recipes, etc. Anything is okay! If you have something that you would like to submit feel free to contact the editor, Jordan Rocke at:

Why the Mikan?

Ehime AJET’s logo and our blog’s name stems from Ehime’s major export crop, the mikan, or mandarin oranges. The sunny hillsides and low level of precipitation make Ehime ideal for the cultivation of mandarin oranges and thus Ehime has been Japan’s top producer of mandarin oranges since 1970. Especially in the southwestern and island regions of the prefecture, a majority of farmers cultivate mandarin oranges. Besides being delicious and easy to eat, the mikan is practically an unofficial mascot of all things Ehime. From the Ehime football club to Matsuyama City’s Police characters.

Mikans are bright and sunny and will help you fend off a nasty cold. If you have recently moved to inaka Ehime, you shouldn’t be too surprised if a housewarming gift of mikans is left for you by neighbors. For many JETs in Ehime, mikans are a symbol of their new home. If you are on your way to Ehime as an JET, get ready to bask in the citrusy juicy goodness of the mikan.

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