Religious Groups

Compared with your home country, religion somehow manages to play both a larger and smaller role within Japan than you might expect. While Buddhism and Shinto are the core religions, the Christian faith is quite hearty and always manages to survive and be present where ever you go in Japan, even though it might take some searching. Those of other faiths may find it much more challenging to find a place of worship.

Here is a list of some of the Churches and Mosques in Ehime. There are many more so if feel free to ask congregations at any of these churches for places closer to you.


  • Dogo Catholic Church (Matsuyama)
  • Catholic Church, Sanbancho (Matsuyama)
  • Praise Fellowship Matsuyama – Protestant Christian Worship Group
  • Matsuyama Islamic Cultural Centre (MICC)

Nanyo A

  • Uwajima Alliance Church

Nanyo B

  • Daiichi Puraza Kyoukai Catholic Church (Yawatahama)

Toyo B

  • Saint Maria Catholic Church (Saijo)
  • Saijo Alliance Christian Church
  • United Church of Christ in Japan – Niihama Church
  • Niihama Mosque

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