The Ehime AJET Scholarship Committee

In 2015, Ehime AJET formed the Ehime AJET Scholarship Committee to create a scholarship for 200,000 yen to provide one high school student in the prefecture the chance to study abroad this summer. Since its establishment, the scholarship has been awarded to two students, and the committee hopes to be able to support many more in years to come. Check out the post written for The Mikan blog here!

Being an Assistant Language Teacher of English in Japan affords an opportunity to positively influence students’ academic experience, development, and achievement. The Ehime AJET Scholarship Committee encourages students to speak and learn English in a foreign country; interact with students of different ethnicities, races, and cultures; and to overall become a global citizen.

If you have any questions about the scholarship, please contact us at:

Please keep checking back for 2023 Scholarship Information below.

The 2023 Ehime AJET Scholarship