About Ehime AJET

Who We Are

Ehime AJET is a volunteer, not-for-profit organization that services the local JET community. We hope to enrich your experience in Japan by keeping you informed of important & fun things happening within Ehime-ken and the JET program at large. We are your prefectural branch of national AJET (the Association for Japan Exchange and Teaching) and we represent your voice. Our goal is to create a strong JET network by providing opportunities for you meet other JETs and get involved in your local communities. We host a variety of social, sports, and volunteer events throughout the year. Ehime AJET also publishes The Mikan newsletter and maintains a great website which contains lots of useful information about living and teaching in Japan.

AJET Events

Throughout the year Ehime AJET hosts and sponsors various events both for JETs, the local communities, and non-profit organizations. Some of the events we organize (but certainly not limited to) are:

  • Matsuyama Orientation & Welcome Party
  • AJET Welcome Party
  • Uwajima & Matsuyama Orphanage Visits
  • AJET Talent Show
  • Mid-year Seminar Party
  • Various Sporting Events (like soccer and touch rugby)
  • Sayonara Party
  • Various other fund-raising events

The Mikan Newsletter

The Mikan is a (mostly) bimonthly magazine written by and for Ehime JETs. Therefore, we need your submissions to keep it going. Stories, jokes, book reviews, your own comics, funky horoscope, recipes, etc.

All submissions should be sent to the Mikan editors at mikan@ehimeajet.com. Regularly, the Mikan editor will put calls for submissions out to the Ehime AJET Yahoo! Group as well. Watch for photography and writing contests with chances to win fabulous prizes.

Ehime AJET Website

The Ehime AJET website is a constant work in progress. We strive to offer the most concise and current information we can both for new and current JETs. If you have information to contribute, please do not hesitate to contact us!

The current incarnation (2010-2011) site was designed by Dawna Larson (eccocraz) and coded by Melissa Ho (makemi).

Why the Mikan?

Ehime AJET's logo stems from Ehime's major export crop, the mikan, or mandarin oranges. The sunny hillsides and low level of precipitation make Ehime ideal for the cultivation of mandarin oranges and thus Ehime has been Japan's top producer of mandarin oranges since 1970. Especially in the southwestern and island regions of the prefecture, a majority of farmers cultivate mandarin oranges. Besides being delicious and easy to eat, the mikan is practically an unofficial mascot of all things Ehime. From the Ehime football club to Matsuyama City's Police characters.

Mikans are bright and sunny and will help you fend off a nasty cold. If you have recently arrived in the countryside in Ehime in your new apartment, you shouldn't be too surprised if a housewarming gift of mikans is left for you by shy neighbors. For many JETs in Ehime, mikans are a symbol of their new home. Ehime AJET sports teams have taken on a mikan mascot and the Mikan is the title of the Ehime AJET newsletter. If you are on your way to Ehime as an JET, get ready to bask in the citrusy juicy goodness of the mikan.