About Ehime

At a Glance

So where exactly is Ehime? What's the climate like? What can I expect? Here you can find general information on your new home in the "Love Princess."

Famous Places

Every prefecture has their claim to fame, and Ehime is no exception. Listed in this section are just some of the major attractions of Ehime.

Major Festivals

There is nothing like a festival to give you the taste of Japan and a chance to get involved in your local community. Here are just some of the major festivals in Ehime.


Ehime offers a wealth of different activities from the great outdoors to trying your hand at some Japanese traditional art.

Ehime AJET

So what is AJET? AJET is a social network that provides support to JETs across Ehime. Find out more about us here!

Prefectural Advisors

Prefectural Advisors (PAs) are appointed by the prefecture and receive training from CLAIR and professional counselors twice a year. They are fellow JETs who understand what new (and old) JETs may be going through. They are there to listen to you and help you with any conflicts you may experience in your new job and community.