Prefectural Advisors (PAs)

Who We Are

Prefectural Advisors (PAs) are appointed by the prefecture and receive training from CLAIR twice a year.

The main roles of the PAs is to know the basic ways in which the JET Programme works and making sure JETs are aware of important information. They are also there to help resolve issues that may arise between a JET and their contracting organization. Of course, JETs can still come talk to us and their information is always confidential. PAs are here in case you can’t talk to your supervisor. PA assistance is confidential. If you are having problems coping at home, at the office, with legal matters, in obtaining sick leave (byokyu) or paid leave (nenkyu), with your tax, or anything, please contact a PA. If the PA can’t help you, they will find someone who can.

In the past, the PAs have been a resource for counseling. However, this year (2015) there have been changes to the system which your Contracting Organization should have informed you of.

The PAs work with the Ehime government department that is in charge of JET. Together they plan seminars for JETs and supervisors, as well as disseminate important information and announcements throughout the year. PAs are the advocates for JETs – not their bosses!


You can contact the PAs by emailing

Other Resources

  • AJET Peer Support Group: 0120 437 725 [toll free] [8pm - 8am]
  • Tokyo English Life Line [TELL]: 03 5774 0992 [Daily 9am - 11pm]
  • International Mental Health Professionals - Japan (IMHPJ):
  • AMDA - International Medical Information Centre: 03 5285 8088 [Mon-Fri 9am-5pm] [English, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, Thai], Wed - 1pm-5pm [Tagalog], Mon, Wed, Fri - 9am-5pm [Portuguese]