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Healthcare in Ehime

As a member of the JET Programme, you are covered under National Health Insurance. It is important to have regular check-ups and to know where to go when you are sick. Most Contracting Organizations will only allow you to take sick leave if you provide a doctor's note. Here are some useful guides and pointers we've collected about staying healthy here in Ehime.

National Health Insurance

Seifu Kansho Kenko Hoken 政府管掌健康保険


  • Always carry your card!
  • Covered for 70% of your medical expenses (illness and injury)
  • Dependents should be registered under your health insurance.
  • Read Accident Insurance Policy Guide (the blue book), or refer to the website above.
  • Covered - medical examination, medication, medical care supplies, emergency treatment, hospitalization
  • Not covered – preventative medicine, cosmetic surgery, dental check ups, eye exams, eyewear, pregnancy exams.
  • All JETs have limited accident and rescue coverage when visiting overseas.

Sick Leave

Byoki Kyuka 病気休暇 / Byokyu 病休

  • Misunderstandings over sick leave are often a source of problem between JETs and COS.
  • Read your contract for specific rules (Every situation is different!)
  • Ask your supervisor if you need to provide a medical certificate.
  • Ask you supervisor what you need to do if you are sick.
  • All JETs are entitled to use byokyu.
  • You can only take up to 20 days of byokyu in one period of sick leave.
  • Call your supervisor and work place if you are sick!
  • If you have any questions or problems related to sick leave, contact a PA!

Medical Facilities

General Doctors / Clinics

  • Tadahiro Kato MD.PhD
    Yawatahama Ishikairitsu Futaiwa Hospital (Yawatahama Medical Association Hospital)
    Friday, Saturday, Sunday
    TEL: 0894-22-4355

    Kouseiren Medical Center (Japanese Agriculture Medical Center and Examination)
    Tuesday, Thursday
    TEL: 0899-70-2070
    You can also call his mobile phone – 090-1174-4591. He speaks English!
  • Dr. Yamada
    Ehime Kenritsu Chuo Byoin.
    TEL: 0894-62-6451
    Dr Yamada is the doctor for the Governor of Ehime, and is also a fluent English speaker

Women's Clinics

  • Kenritsu Chuo Byoin (Prefectural Central Hospital)
    Has an independent clinic for women (josei shinryouka). All doctors are women.
    TEL: 0899-47-1111
  • NTT Hospital (Obstetrician and Gynaecologist)
    Near Okaido
  • Okujima Hospital (for abortions)
    Next to the Fuji Grand near Dogo Onsen (out by EPIC)
  • NTT Nishinihon Matsuyama Byoin
    Near Matsuyama Castle
    It opens from 8:30am to 11:00am, and 1:00pm to 3:30pm, Monday to Friday.
    Closed Saturday, Sunday and national holidays
    TEL: 0899-36-2461.
  • Kiba Clinic Matsuyama-shi – Suga-machi
    TEL: 0899-51-3460
  • Okugima Byoin – Dogo-machi, Matsuyama-shi
    TEL: 0899-25-2500
  • Shiritsu Ozu Byoin – Ozu-shi
    TEL: 0893-24-2151
  • Yano Maternity Clinic
    On the corner near EPIC

HIV Testing

  • Matsuyama Central Public Health Office (Chuo Hokensho)
    Kita Mochida-cho 132, Matsuyama
    Every Wednesday 1:00pm-2:00pm
    TEL: 0899-41-1111
  • Imabari Central Public Health Office (Chuo Hokensho)
    Asahi-cho 1-4-9, Imabari
    Every Monday 11:00am-12:00pm
    TEL: 0898-23-2500
  • Saijo Central Public Health Office (Chuo Hokensho)
    Kitagawa 796-1, Saijo
    Every Monday 11:00-12:00pm
    TEL: 0897-56-1300
  • Yawatahama Central Public Health Office (Chuo Hokensho)
    Kitahama 1-3-37, Yawatahama
    Every Tuesday 11:00-12:00pm
    TEL: 0894-22-0600
  • Uwajima Central Publich Health Office (Chuo Hokensho)
    Tenzin-cho 7, Uwajima
    Every Tuesday 11:00am-12:00pm
    TEL: 0895-22-5735

Useful Websites

Finding a Doctor Near You


This English website will help you find a hospital, clinic, pharmacy, and midwifery center near you (with an English speaker!)

Mutlilingual Medical Site


This homepage provides bilingual forms to help foreigners explain the condition of injuries & symptoms of illnesses to Japanese medical professionals. You can print one out and bring it with you for the doctor.

International Mental Health Professionals Japan


JET General Information Handbook


Counseling and Support Services

AJET Peer Support Group

(Every day, 20:00-07:00) – 050-5534-5566

The service is a listening and referral service by fellow JETs. It is confidential.

Tokyo English Life Line (TELL)

(Everyday, 09:00 – 23:00) – 03-5774-0992

Trained volunteers can offer counseling and support, as well as information on a broad range of English-speaking services in Japan. Calls to the Life Line cover a wide range of issues, including relationships, depression, anxiety, HIV, cultural adjustment, pregnancy, sexuality, eating disorders, and substance abuse, as well as emergency situations, issues relevant to young people and suicide.

Useful Phrases


  • I have a fever – netsu ga arimasu (熱があります)
  • I think I have a cold – kaze wo hiita you desu (かぜをひいたようです)
  • I have a headache – atama ga itai (あたまが痛い)
  • I feel like vomiting – haki sou desu (吐きそうです)
  • I don’t feel well – kibun ga warui desu (気分が悪いです)
  • I have a stomachache – onaka ga itai desu (おなかが痛いです)
  • I have a runny nose – hanamizu ga demasu (鼻水がでます)
  • I have a cough – seki ga demasu (せきがでます)
  • I have a pain here – koko ga itai desu (ここが痛いです)
  • I have diarrhea – geri wo shite imasu (下痢をしています)
  • I have my period – seiri desu (生理です)
  • I have hayfever – watashi wa kafun shou desu (私は花粉症です)
  • Please call a doctor – isha wo yonde kudasai (医者をよんで下さい)

For Fires

  • There is a fire! - Kaji desu (火事です!)
  • My address (the place) is~ - Basho wa~ desu (場所は~です)
  • My name is~ - Namae wa~ desu (名前は~です)
  • My telephone number is~ - Denwa bango wa~ desu (電話番号は~です)

For an Ambulance

  • An ambulance, please. - Kyukyusha onegaishimasu (救急車お願いします)
  • My address (the place) is~ - Basho wa~ desu (場所は~です)
  • My name is~ - Namae wa~ desu (名前は~です)
  • My telephone number is~ - Denwa bango wa~ desu (電話番号は~です)

For a Crime

  • There is an accident/crime. Please help me!
    Jiko/jiken desu. Tasukete kudasai! (事故/事件 です。 助けて下さい!)
    • Be sure to explain the condition and location slowly and clearly.
    • Traffic accidents ...Date and Time, Name, Condition, Location, etc.
    • Crimes...kind of Crime, Date and Time, Name, Condition, Location, etc.
  • The address (the place) is~ - Basho wa~ desu (場所は~です)
  • My name is~ - Namae wa~ desu (名前は~です)
  • My telephone number is~ - Denwa bango wa~ desu (電話番号は~です)