Studying Japanese in Ehime

CLAIR Japanese Courses

CLAIR offers Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced courses. The course starts in November. The books are mailed monthly. Each book contains a test that must be completed and mailed in before the due date. If you pass all the tests (you are allowed to skip only one) then you will recieve a "Certificate of Completion." Please contact your supervisor if you are interested.

EPIC Japanese Courses

EPIC runs spring and summer intensive group courses. They also offer individual or group lessons throughout the year in various cities across Ehime.

Japanese Language Proficiency Test

The JLPT is held in December and July at Ehime University. Entry to the test costs 6000 yen. Applications can be purchased at Junkudo Bookstore near Shieki. There are currently five levels. Level 5 is the easiest and Level 1 is the most difficult. This is an internationally approved test.