Compared to your home country, you may find that sexuality and LGBT issues are brought up much less in Japan. Because of this, some people who identify as LGBT may feel as though they do not have much of a support system in Japan. But the truth is, coming out here is not much different from coming out in your home country. Think about it, and if you feel comfortable coming out to certain people, then by all means, do so! Coming out will always be your own decision. Below are some support networks within the JET and Japanese communities.

AJET Stonewall

  •  A community of LGBT and ally JETs. They have discussion forums and information on LGBT communities in cities around the country.
    • Japan: http://stonewalljapan.org/
  • For those who identify as transgender, Stonewall Japan has some very useful information here. http://stonewalljapan.org/resources/transgender-life/
    • Hokoishi Clinic in Matsuyama provides hormone therapy in conjunction with the Okayama University Hospital’s Gender Center.

Rainbow Pride

An active and well-regarded LGBT organization in Ehime. They have outreach programs to schools across Ehime and lots of useful links on their website (Japanese). They also have a LGBT Center called Nijikara Space in Matsuyama: http://rainbowpride-ehime.org/Site/nizikara.html


National AJET`s Life as a Queer JET

LGBT Scene in Ehime

Much of the LGBT scene in Ehimie is centered around Matsuyama and tends to be small bars as opposed to the dance clubs you might find in other cities. Generally bars are not mixed, and often will say “members only” where being a member is simply being of that sexuality. Matsuyama, like much of the LGBT scene in Japan, is male focused.

  • Bri-Bri Bar – Mixed, younger crowd.
  • Trigger (Formerly Seek) – Men only, staff speak a little English. Karaoke ok. Crowd mostly mid-20s.
  • Happy Dragon – Bear Bar, men only. The master is an excellent source of LGBT info in Ehime.
  • Tug
  • Now2