Kumakogen Town 久万高原町


Kumakogen is a small town known for it’s forestry andabundant supply of nature. It has a population of about 10,000 spread over the town of Kuma and villages of Omogo, Yanadani, and Mikawa.

Website – http://www.town.kumakogen.ehime.jp

Location / Access / Transport

Kumakogen is located in the mountainous regions south-west of Matsuyama.

  • By car: from Matsuyama – one hour.
  • By bus: from Matsuyama – 1.5 hour – buses depart regularly from JR station nine times per day. Be aware that the timetable changes slightly between the winter and summer months.

Tourism / Festivals / Highlights

  • Kuma Ski Land – a great place to visit during the winter months. It’s not the best ski field in Ehime but it is the easiest to access without a car. Kuma Ski Land also has late night skiing and snow machines. (December 1st – March)
  • Mikawa Ski Land – The best ski field in Ehime. Many times larger than Kuma. Very difficult to access without a car. No snow machines so season is limited by snow fall.
  • Wood Festival – teams race while carrying a tree. (August)
  • Temples 44 and 45 of the Shikoku 88. Temple 45 岩屋時Š‹Œ (Iwayaji) or ‘Temple of the Rocky Caves’ is by far the most scenic of the 88 temples. The temple consists of dozens of rooms cut into volcanic rock and a walking path filled with ancient statues and graves.