International Travel

By Bus

Buses are one of the cheapest and most convenient ways to travel between major cities of Japan.

By Train

Japan has one of the best train networks in the world and they are very convient when your destination is off the beaten trail or if you have a last-minute hankering to go somewhere.

By Ferry

Ferries aren't just for traveling between the islands in Ehime. Overnight and other long-distance ferries are inexpensive ways to get you to Honshu or Kyushu.

By Air

Flying is one of the easist ways to get around. Both JAL and ANA fly out of Matsuyama and can offer some great deals ... if you plan ahead.


Tours can not only make your life easy, but also take you someplace you never would have thought to go. Here are a list of places where you can get both tours in Japanese and in English.