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Getting international flights is a relatively easy affair. Unlike domestic flights, international tickets may be purchased months in advance, which is recommended if you plan to fly during peak seasons such as school breaks (spring, summer, winter), or Golden Week. Flights to Asia can actually be cheaper than flying domestically! You can book flights online or through your local travel agency.

While most international flights will route you through Kansai or Narita, Matsuyama airport does service direct flights to Seoul, South Korea on select days.

All major airlines have English websites, so booking tickets online is extremely simple. Below is a list of airlines, focusing on those that fly to other parts of Asia:

Budget airlines:

It is also possible to get flight tickets through a travel agency. Across No. 1 Travel by H.I.S has been recommended in the past, because staff can understand English and communications are all by email (the office is based in Osaka).