2014 Ehime AJET Halloween Party and Fundraising Dinner


This year we teamed up with one of Matsuyama’s most popular foreigner bars, 14-1, for a seriously spooky Halloween Party.

But before the Halloween party, AJET planned a special fundraising dinner so that we could eat and be merry. AJET raised 6000 yen for the Ehime AJET scholarship fund, which will go towards our special ongoing fundraiser to help send a Japanese school student to a school of their choice in any English-speaking country that they want!

Here is us looking like our usual crazy selves in the restaurant!

We then moved on to 14-1, which was full of dancing people, Japanese and foreigners alike, in some pretty epic Halloween costumes.
Here are some of the best ones!

Kaonashi (No-Face) chilling with a beer, as you do.

Looks like someone got a fright (or a kancho)!
Sean (left), the guy who helped us collaborate with 14-1, as a dead DJ.
Dracula doing his thing.
Elsa, one of the winners of the costume contest!

Definitely one of the coolest costumes!

A massive thanks to 14-1 and Sean for making it such a great night!


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