ALT Spring Showcase (Series 1)


Edited by Joshua Hill

About a week ago the Mikan blog reached out to Shikoku ALTs in an effort to accumulate photo submissions of personal art, creative projects for work or pleasure, or anything for that matter. Here are some awesome submissions from ALTs around Shikoku. If you are interested in submitting your photos or interesting work showcasing how you are spending your time during the current pandemic please email Joshua Hill, to share with ALTs far and wide.

Sakura in the time of Koro-chan

by Christian Dane, Matsuyama

So with the lurking COVID-19 (or as I like to affectionately call it, Koro-chan) sweeping the nation and by extension, the world, many of us ALTs (at least in the land of Mikans) are still reporting to work at our base schools. 

For me this means I don’t get the chance to visit my schools in the serene mountains. In an environment which usually recalibrates my mind just being surrounded by nature. However, with Koro-chan taking over, I now have to trek to my base school in the suburbs everyday and desk warm. First season of desk warming. Yikes. 

Anyways, there’s a point to this. Thankfully, nature has given me something to anticipate everyday with the blooming of Sakura trees. So, first season of desk warming but also first season or experiencing the beauty of Sakura. Nice balance, I guess you can say. 

With that being said, I actually found my alternative to recalibrate my mind in the midst of Koro-chan. By taking a little detour on my way home from school, I get a cool ride through a park lined with Sakura trees along the Ishite River. And although it may take me a bit longer than my regular shorter trek back home, it’s definitely a great temporary distraction from the pandemonium that’s taking place around me.

Seiyo City costal Rock formation

by Shou Yuan, Ozu

“My main activity lately has been drawing and painting everyday. It keeps my mind challenged and entertained. This is a quick watercolor painting I did of the rock formations in the costal area of Seiyo city”.


by Joshua Hill, Matsuyama

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