Diversity awareness lessons


By Dom Chen

Hi everyone! For those of you who are interested in incorporating diversity and/or racial awareness within their lessons; there is a google drive containing material focused toward teaching racial issues in the classroom. We are in special times right now, and also in unique positions, as we have access to different levels of public education. People have been voicing a desire to run their own classes on racial issues recently, and I think this google drive is a great starting kit to do just that.

As someone who strides toward improving my competencies surrounding racial issues, I started off by reading the folder that relates mostly with my teaching environment. In my case I read through the elementary school criteria. The google drive contains lessons for all ages and academic school levels, so to make the sifting less daunting I would suggest the same strategy. Find the folder that is relevant to you, and just click it open! Even if you have no plan to run an entire class specifically on the topic, it is a good thing to keep the topics at the back of your head, and incorporate it into your lesson here and there when the opportunity arises.


Shun Chen (Dom) is a Saijo ALT. He is a Hong Kong native, and has lived in Calgary and Montreal since elementary school. This is his third year in the JET Program and you may remeber him from last falls SDC group 5 workshop!

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