AJET TTRPG: Honey Heist

Imabari City International Exchange Association (ICIEA) 2-5-1 Minamidaimoncho, Imabari, Japan

It’s HoneyCon 2017.You are going to undertake the greatest heist the world has ever seen. Two things:One – You have a complex plan that requires precise timing.Two – You are a GODDAMN BEAR. Come play this silly and fun one-page TTRPG with your fellow JETs! SIGN UP: tinyurl.com/ajethoneyheist


2023 AJET Farewell Party

Kashima Shrine 北条辻1595, 松山市, 愛媛県, Japan

The 2023 AJET Farewell Party will be held at Kashima Island in Hojo, Matsuyama! There will be a grill and some games. SIGN UP: tinyurl.com/ajetfarewell2023


AJET Cooking: Khao Poon + Egg Rolls

Ehime Seikatsu Bunka Center 139-2 Kitamochidamachi, Matsuyama, Ehime, Japan

Join us for the very first in our series of cooking lessons! Our chef to start things off will be Preston Vue. We will be learning how to make khao poon and egg rolls!SIGN UP: tinyurl.com/ajetcooking


Uwajima Ushi-Oni Festival 2023

Kisaiya Road (Ushi-Oni Street) Chuocho, Uwajima, Ehime, Japan

The Uwajima Ushi-Oni Festival is one of Ehime’s biggest events, featuring the famous ushi-oni, or “cow ogre.” The highlight of the festival is the parade of ushi-oni floats throughout Uwajima, some will even visit local residents and purify their home!


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