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The Mikan blog is proud to introduce a new project! In addition to our Unbeaten Paths articles talking to incoming or new JETs and our Backtrack articles from former JETs, we are proud to announce a new project: The MikanMap. Without further ado, here’s what Mikan PhotoMap is:

Ehime is a beautiful place full of delights. If there’s a place you want to share, whether it’s a grand view of the city or just a really good place to stop and eat a bento, you can now share the location here on The Mikan.

Pick three photos (or less) that show what the location has to offer, and then write a short description and drop a pin in google maps. Tell us what really stood out to you during your visit and why others might want to visit, too. Consider what people might want to know before they plan their trip, too. Is there a place to buy food, a clean restroom, or a long hike? 

Please note that while we eventually want to showcase your favorite local restaurants and entertainment venues, we are only publishing descriptions of public, outdoor areas for now. Think public parks, bike paths, and hiking trails. Please have a look at our first installment about Matsuyama Castle, here.

We have so many photographers, writers, and adventurous spirits here in Ehime and we can’t wait to see the places that you share with us! If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at, or contact us personally via social media.

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