If you are a JET on the JET Programme, this is a list of useful resources that may be useful to you. Please have a look.

Teaching Links & Resources

Whether you’ve plenty of experience under your belt, or are completely new to this whole teacher thing, check out these links for ideas and inspiration.

    • ALT Insider – blog posts, podcasts and resources to help you make the most of your time working and living in Japan.
    • Englipedia – a huge database of lesson plans and ideas sorted by textbooks and grade levels, Englipedia is one of the best teaching websites out there.
    • Dave’s ESL Cafe – stuff for teachers, stuff for students, stuff for everyone. 100s of games for every situation you can think of.
    • Ultimate Camp Resource – games, skits, songs, team building activities and more – for use both in and outside of the classroom.
    • ESL Galaxy – printable and interactive vocabulary, grammar and cultural games.
    • ESL Kids – flashcards, worksheets, classroom games and song lyrics.
    • Genki English – the key is in the name – genki. Fun and exciting lessons and activities for Elementary school.
    • Wild Mushroomland– for ‘Hi Friends!’ and other Elementary school level flashcards and clipart. The site also has a few lesson activity ideas.
    • ESL Authority free, downloadable worksheets for ESL students covering a variety of topics.
    • Here is a guide on how to embed a Youtube video into a PowerPoint presentation.
    • Bump Reveal – technological tools that include videos and flashcard and could be used in the elementary ESL classroom.
    • Wise Old Sayings – covers almost all topics of teaching ESL and has resources and blogs for almost any level.
    • Activity+Game List– The Excel sheet is split between textbook activities, filler/random activities, powerpoint activities, and long term projects as well as how to modify them for higher level and lower level classes.

Do you have any others to add? Contact us!