• ’23 New Arrivals – First Up Toyo B!!

    ’23 New Arrivals – First Up Toyo B!!

    We’re kicking off this year’s series of Unbeaten Paths with introductions from our new arrivals in Toyo B!! I always find it fascinating and inspiring to read about folks’ journey […]

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  • 36th Nakayama Chestnut Festival

    36th Nakayama Chestnut Festival

    Every year, the Chestnut Festival is held in the Nakayama Area of Iyo City. This year will be the 36th Edition of this festival. The “Nakayama Chestnut Festival” will be […]

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  • 70th Yosakoi Festival

    70th Yosakoi Festival

    The 70th Yosakoi Festival will be held in Kochi, Kochi Prefecture! Like the Awa Festival in Tokushima, this is one of the festivals you can’t miss in Japan!

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  • Tokushima Awa Odori 2023

    Tokushima Awa Odori 2023

    One of Japan’s largest dance festivals will FULLY took place in Tokushima from August 12th to August 15th. Along with Kochi’s Yosakoi Festival, this is one of the festivals you […]

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  • 58th Matsuyama Baseball Dance

    58th Matsuyama Baseball Dance

    The first of Shikoku’s 4 large dance festivals will be held in Matsuyama! The “Matsuyama Yakyuken Odori” (Baseball Dance) (named “Matsuyama Odori” up to the 6th and “Matsuyama Festival” up […]

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  • Uchiko Sasa Festival 2023

    Uchiko Sasa Festival 2023

    The Sasa Festival is an annual summer event where about 50 bamboo decorations are displayed in the main street of Uchiko. More than a handful of Kusudama balls and bamboo […]

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  • Nagahama Fireworks Festival

    Nagahama Fireworks Festival

    The Nagahama Fireworks will be held in the port of Nagahama, Ozu on August 6th from 8p.m.! Come down to the Nagahama Port in Ozu to see fireworks!

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  • Ozugawa Matsuri 2023

    Ozugawa Matsuri 2023

    The Ozugawa Matsuri will be held in Ozu in August 3rd from 8p.m.! Come down to Ozu to see Ozu Castle lit up in a background of fireworks launched in […]

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  • Matsuyama Saturday Night Market

    Matsuyama Saturday Night Market

    Every Saturday, there will be vendors selling food and wares throughout Okaido and Gintengai until 9pm.

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