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One response to “Old Issues of The Mikan”

  1. Angelica Avatar

    A great interview!I also find melysf often at that website researching what other castles might be nearby when I plan a trip.By now I’ve only been to 75-80 castles, so there’s still a long way to go, but I really enjoy it and so I totally adore this useful website with all its valuable information and the great map!It’s sad that the castles Daniel mentioned as his favorite, are still on my to-visit list. I’ve been to Fukuoka many times, but never made it to the castle. And I’ve been planning to go back to Ehime Prefecture for all those castles there. I’ve only been to Matsuyama thus far.I totally agree with not entering Osaka Castle, but I found the interior of Nagoya Castle quite entertaining! There were just so many things to see, although most of them were not really connected to the castle itself.

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