Traveling by highway (高速) bus is the cheapest way to travel around Japan. There are several buses that leave from Matsuyama, Imabari, Ozu, Yawatahama, and Uwajima.

There is no online booking for bus tickets. You can purchase them from convenience stores, your local travel agency or local bus ticketing station. JR bus tickets can also be purchased directly from any JR station.

Please note: Highway bus tickets can be purchased only up to ONE MONTH in advance (no earlier). All fares displayed on this page are accurate as of May 2017.

From Matsuyama

Iyotetsu Bus (いよてつ高速バス)

Iyotetsu Bus tickets can be purchased from the bus ticketing station at Matsuyama Shieki. Payment must be made the same day as the reservation.

Iyotetsu operates express buses from Matsuyama Shieki to the following cities:

  • Fukuoka – overnight 10hrs (8,200 yen one-way, 14,800 roundtrip)
  • Tokushima – same-day 3hrs (4,400 yen one-way, 8,100 roundtrip)
  • Takamatsu – same-day 2hrs 30mins (4,000 yen one-way, 7,500 roundtrip)
  • Okayama same-day 3hrs (4,400 yen one-way, 8,000 roundtrip)
  • Tokyo – overnight 12hrs (12,300 yen one-way – price rises during busy seasons)
  • Osaka – same-day & overnight 5-7hrs (6,900 yen one-way, 12,400 roundtrip)
  • Kyoto – same-day 5hrs 30mins (7,200 yen one-way, 12,900 roundtrip)
  • Kobe – same-day 4hrs 15mins (6,400 yen one-way, 11,500 roundtrip)
  • Nagoya – overnight 8hrs (9,000 yen one-way – price rises during busy seasons)
  • Kochi – same-day 2hrs 45mins (3,600 yen one-way, 6,500 roundtrip)
  • Fukuyama – same-day 3hrs (3,900 yen one-way, 7,000 roundtrip)

From Imabari

Setouchi Bus (せとうちバス)

Click the 高速乗合バス tab (3rd tab)

Setouchi operates express buses from Imabari to the following cities:

  •  Hiroshima – same-day 2hrs 45mins (3,700 yen one-way) Also stops at Oshima and Hakata
  • Kobe / Osaka – same-day and overnight 4 hrs 20mins – 5hrs (4,850 yen – 5,150 yen one-way) Also stops at Saijo, Niihama, Mishima
  • Fukuyama – same-day 1hr 40mins (2,500 yen one-way) Also stops at Omishima, Oshima, Hakata
  • Tokyo – overnight 12hrs  (12,000 yen one-way) Also stops at Toyo, Saijo, Niihama, Mishima

From Yawatahama, Ozu, Uchiko

Iyotestu Bus (いよてつ高速バス)

Iyotestu operates express buses from Yawatahama to the following cites (also stops in Ozu, Uchiko, Matsuyama):

  • Osaka – same-day and overnight 8hrs – 9hrs 30mins (7,900 yen one-way, 14,200 roundtrip)
  • Nagoya – overnight 9hrs 40mins (9,500 yen one-way – prices rise during busy seasons)
  • Tokyo – overnight 14hrs (13,300 yen one-way – prices rise during busy seasons)

From Uwajima

Uwajima Bus (宇和島高速バス)

Uwajima Bus operates express buses from Uwajima to the following cites (also stops in Ozu):

  • Kobe / Osaka – same-day and overnight 7hrs 30 mins – 8hrs 30mins (7,88 yen – 8,380 yen one-way)